Saturday, January 30, 2016

#1: Change

Heyyy! It's 2016 already so Happy new year everyone!!! Better late than never, okay? I know it’s been a while that I’ve posted anything. A lot has been going on and I haven’t had time to write properly, so I decided not to post any up here. Btw I’m on my break now, WOHOOO!!! So I renew my blog and promise I will be writing more regularly. Hopefully...

But anyway. The reason why I decided to write this is because I feel  free, NO! Maybe because I feel bored, NO! But because I feel that I need to. Okayy... I want to talk about change, because I was changed a lot. But first of all, FORGIVE my terrible grammar:(

Change is inevitable, so I have been told. It is the only thing that remains constant, because as people, we are continuously moulded by the situations that we face, shaped by the people that we meet and formed by the conditions that we are placed in. Change must happen and will happen, for a particular reason. For us to adapt. To survive natural selection.

An easy example would be growing up. When we were young we used to be all clingy and adorable, seeking our parents’ attention and affection all the time. I mean, which kid does not want to be tucked into bed at night? To be kissed on the bump on the head to be all better? To be carried around because “I’m too tired”? And as we grow, we would give anything (and I do mean anything) for some privacy. What happened then? What caused that gap to widen and us teenagers to want to be given a distance? Change is what happened. We adapt to be able to feel independent and so that we won’t be embarrassed.

But have you ever thought about how your parents would feel about your sudden change in attitude? Have you ever thought about how other people felt about how you changed? How do you feel about change? Honestly, personally I am afraid of changes. Maybe terrified is an even better word to describe it. But what is it about change that we tend to fear?

If someone has changed for the worse, you have every right to fear change. But if a person changed for the better, people would still be scared. Scared for and of the many reasons why. People are afraid of not knowing, of being kept in the dark. And the thing with change is that it is unpredictable and you will never know and understand exactly how and why it happened. People are afraid of the hidden agendas and motives that might not be as plain and sincere as good change may seem. People are suspicious about good change.

Nonetheless, I believe that people can change. Even for the better. Despite their intentions on either wanting to look good or to get something that they want, I believe that if they put up with their act long enough, they will start believing in them and soon will really change. Otherwise, the truth will get out eventually, right?

Have a nice day xxx

With love,
Thalia ❤💋